Tristram Powell with Tanya Harrod

We had another full house for our latest film night, The Way We Saw Ourselves. Hosted by Tristram Powell and his guest, Tanya Harrod, we were introduced (or in some cases reminded), of some of the great British documentary films or the 1930s and 40s. The technical and artistic skills of the filmmakers have left a legacy that is as watchable now as when they were made despite the underlying propaganda message which can seem a bit obvious and sometime comical to the 21st century viewer.

We hope to repeat this event in the spring for anyone who missed it the first time round so keep and eye on the events page and make sure you're signed up for our newsletter.

Saturday 18 November, 10-5pm

Tutor: Soomin Leong

Cost: £70.

If you did our course at the studio in Japanese Printing, have been trying out the technique at home, or have done a class elsewhere but would like more time to perfect your inking and printing techniques- we have a course on Saturday 18 November that will be just right>

Making the work in response to the space for an exhibition at Holborn Library which starts tonight. Staff from the Art and Design department at Morley College take over the basement and library for two weeks. See

Images from our Annual Studio Exhibition last weekend. The exhibition continues until Friday 27 October, Thursday & Friday 10:00- 16:00.

Studio Member Rose Electra Harris explains chine collee technique to visitors at our Annual Studio Exhibition on Saturday.

Otto Willberg will play at our Opening Party on Saturday 7 October 2017

The seemingly disparate fragments of Otto's improvised language activates a poetic interference that cuts across established boundaries of musicality.

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