Scotland 2017

Follow my blog from Scotland again here. Arrive on Sunday- 23rd July...

Last look at the sea with a cup of tea...

Last Look

Then with the help from George & Hughie we tie down the roof box lid, as the
key broke in the lock. Need that roof box as the boot of the car is full of paintings!


Packing up the paintings for transit back to London. Where is my expert packer when I need him? (In France as it happens!)

Sold this painting to the Carlings who first bought one of my paintings in 1994.
Puddle, Towards Port Mary I, Gouache, Acrylic & Pencil on Board


Anja’s husband Peter has a Wallace & Gromit style
motorbike and sidecar, which all of her work packed into afterwards!

Over 50 people at our exhibition for one day only on Tuesday. Shared with my friend Anja who has lived on the island for over 30 years- we first met about 20 years ago. She is a biologist by training- and enjoys drawing plants and natural subjects.

It was good to look at the work I had done- not so shabby as my daughter Morgan would say (well some of it).