We offer a range of courses, suitable for beginners through to experienced printmakers. Try our Sunday Taster classes for short intense introductions to techniques, or look at our longer more specialist courses. All of our courses challenge and inspire, we will share with lots of information, enthusiasm and a wealth of specialist knowledge with you.

Multiple dates

Technician: Matt Young

Open Access Print Workshop sessions, technician supported. Must have printmaking experience and be able to work independently.



Tuesday 19, 26 November, 6.00-9.00pm. £70. 4 sessions/ 12 hours.

Saturday 19 October 2019, 1.30-4.30pm

Tutor: Chris Christodoulou

Cost: £54. Acrylic printing plates, paper and inks included.


Inspiring short introduction to drypoint printmaking with artist Chris Christodoulou. Chris will show you how to achieve rich black tones and complex imagery using simple drypoint techniques on easily available acrylic plastic sheet. You can take plates out of the studio to draw on or bring material to work from such as photographs, sketchbooks, drawings or other ideas. You will explore how to achieve a range of marks on the acrylic sheet and learn how to ink and print the plates to achieve the dark and smudgy lines characteristic of drypoint, and which Chris uses to such good effect in his own work.


Saturday 26 October, 11.00- 4.00pm

Tutor: Matt Young

£75. Includes materials.

Join studio artist Matthew Young for an introduction into polyester plate lithography. Work on a plate to produce an image using a variety of drawing materials. Understand the unique properties of this medium and learn a skill you can take away and add to your art practice.

Tide IV, Hard Ground Etching, Michelle Avison

Sunday 27 October, 2019, 11.00- 4.00pm

Cost: £80. Materials included (one A5 etching plate, paper and inks).

Tutor: Michelle Avison

Find out about traditional etching techniques by exploring hard and soft ground, on this one day introductory class. Learn how to apply and draw into the grounds and layer the two techniques to create images that explore line, tone and texture.

Hard and soft grounds are different waxy coatings that are applied to the metal etching plate, which you then draw and make marks into, revealing the metal beneath. The plate is then etched in an acid mixture, which bites lines into the plate. These lines hold the ink which then print onto the paper.

On this one day course you will look at and discuss a range of print examples, then learn how to prepare the plate with hard ground, draw, etch and print the plate. You will then introduce a second layer of marks onto the plate with soft ground, etch the plate and print again. In this way you will learn about the key differences in the two grounds and different effects that can be achieved with each.

Sunday 3 November 2019, 11.00- 4.00pm

Cost: £75. Paper, inks and some printing surfaces included- but do bring your own.

Tutor: Michelle Avison

Have an experimental and inventive day relief printing from found and recycled materials. You will be amazed how much you can make with recycled card, plastic, fabric, brown cardboard- really anything goes- so start collecting now!


Thursday 7, 14, 21, 28 November 2019, 6.00-9.00pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison, Rob White

Cost: £230. Materials extra.

On this course over four evenings you will learn how to make an etching, including how to prepare the plate, add hard and soft grounds, and different ways of drawing into the grounds. You will have a chance to experiment with aquatint, and add texture and tone to your plate. There will be time to print in black and white and try out inking in colour. You will look at artists' who worked in etching for inspiration and there will be a still life set up to draw from or you can bring your own drawings and photographs to work from. Take our next printmaking course course in February to continue learning about etching and make new plates and images.


Saturday 9 November, 1.30- 4.30pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison

£54. Includes materials.

Work with artist Michelle Avison on this three hour taster course exploring Woodcut. A great introduction to the technique, and a fabulous way to explore your creativity, the taster will cover ways of cutting the wood, staying safe with the tools, and take you through inking and printing. You will use plywood and work with the grain and knots in the wood to make expressive, immediate images. Bring personal images, photographs, drawings or other material to start your print from, and explore your personal stories, memories or ideas through the medium of printmaking. You will print in black ink on white paper, and explore both hand printing and use our wonderful Albion relief press.

Sunday 10 & Sunday 17 November 2019, 10.00-4.00pm

Tutor: Ian Rawlinson

Cost: £165. All materials included.

On this course you will explore collagraph and drypoint techniques, using cardboard surfaces. Collagraph is a collaged printing plate with huge possibilities of mark making- it is an inexpensive technique that allows you to recycle and re-use materials and create a really wide range of different effects. You will work on a traditional varnished collagraph block, cutting, sticking and adding textured materials to the surface, and a more experimental unvarnished version. You will explore surface, texture and imprinting using found materials such as fabrics, textured papers, tape & moulding paste. You will indent and scratch into the surfaces to make drypoint marks. You will then be able to print your collagraphs using both relief and intaglio techniques, reworking the blocks and layering colour to develop a series of exciting prints.

Day One

On the first day you will make a collagraph using textured materials that you will then varnish to be printed on the 2nd day. You will also make experimental cardboard collagraphs which you can print straight away.

Day Two

You will be print your varnished block using both intaglio and relief methods, be able to add to your plates and get a range of different prints over the course of the day. You will be able to print in different colours and will have a number of different proofs and different prints to take home by the end of the second day.

Basic materials, card, and a selection of textured materials are included, but you should collect and bring with you any materials that you would particularly like to use. It is important to try and keep the surface of the collagraph plate fairly flat, so these materials might include textured papers, lace, fabric, papers, cardboard, packaging materials, small flat items, tapes, fabric tapes, ribbon. If you are not sure- bring it anyway, and find out if it can be used!

Ian Rawlinson is an artist and printmaker who lives and works in London. He is a graduate of Winchester School of Art and the Royal Collage of Art and has taught at art colleges and workshops throughout the UK. He is currently a tutor in printmaking at Morley College in London. Rawlinson's work explores places of transition and aspects of internal and external change. His most recent projects draw upon ideas of place and memory and he is currently producing a series of exhibitions and short films inspired by places connected to his past. His work has been widely exhibited in the UK and internationally and is held in public and private collections.

Saturday 7 December, 1.30- 5.00pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison

£65. Includes lino, paper and inks.

Make hand made Christmas Cards for your friends and family. Learn how to cut lino to make your design then find out how to ink and print multiple copies. There will be lots of opportunity to mix up the colour and add a bit of glitz, with mulled wine and a bit of cake for a fun and rewarding afternoon!

Thursday 5, 12, 19, 26 March, 6.00-9.00pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison, Rob White

Cost: £230, includes lino, inks and paper.

Inspired by Picasso's linocuts you will learn how to make your own multi colour linocut. You will look at examples of work by Picasso and use some of the same techniques to develop your prints. This will include drawing your image to the right size and planning the image over multiple blocks, or as a reduction print- or a combination of both. You will be shown how to use cutting tools safely, and different ways of achieving tone and different mark making techniques. You will then learn how to register the different colours on the same print, about mixing ink, inking your blocks and how to print by hand and on our Albion Press.


“it was lovely being in a studio environment with like minded people and with some one to guide us, who knew what they were doing but magically didn’t get in the way of us doing it for ourselves”.

"fantastic, approachable and knowledgeable guidance." Karen W, Cyanotype Taster, October 2017

"Hands-on and productive, nice to try something new and experiment." Sara T, Cyanotype Taster, October 2017

“I actually loved all of it. So great to have time to experiment stage by stage.” Stephanie Kennedy, Drypoint Taster.

“I enjoyed being guided through the technique yet with the freedom to be creative and experimental. I loved the excitement during the final printing. Endless varieties of tea, coffee and homemade muffins rounded it off perfectly.” Angela Mugglestone, Lino Taster

"The encouragement of experimentation and the varied techniques learnt in such a short space of time were great. The lovely summary at the end where we discussed each other’s work meant I felt the benefit of what the whole class had learnt and got ideas for what I might do next time." Lottie McCarthy, Collograph Taster.

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