SLAUGHTERHAUS runs a series of studio events throughout the year - including exhibitions, artists’ talks, film nights, open studio weekends and community workshops.

Our classes, exhibition programme and associated programme of talks and film nights in 2019 take the theme of Place as a starting point.

We have invited artists to exhibit this year who are exploring this theme, and will have a series of talks and events as part of this exhibition programme. Some of our courses will also encourage participants to explore this notion of place in their work.

Wednesday 22 May 2019, 6.30pm

£6, includes a drink

Rob White is going to talk about working on print projects with many of Britains leading fine artists. He will talk about the partnership between the Artist and printmaker, Looking at how this changes depending on the Artists approach to their work. Damien Hirst being very hands off or Tom Hammick and other painters being very hands on. Rob will also talk through some of the projects he's worked on, and discuss individual prints that he will have on show. Rob will talk about the different printmakers he's had the privilege to work along side and talk about their different approaches to print.


An exhibition of prints by Chris Christodoulou


Opening Party: Saturday 1 June 2019, 2- 7pm.

Artist's Talk: Chris Christodoulou In Conversation with Sarah Gillett and studio member and architect Tatiana Southey at 3pm, Saturday 1 June 2019.

Exhibition continues to Sunday 30 June 2019, Thursday & Friday 10.00- 4.00pm and other times by arrangement.

Closing Party: Sunday 30 June 2019, 3- 6pm

When you think of ‘home’ where do you go? Beyond a structure with a roof, walls and windows - a structure that provides safety, warmth and security - home also evokes a ‘sense of belonging’, a place or time where you feel you are loved. It can also be an uncomfortable place, ‘unhomely’, a trap for some, laden with repressed memories and trauma. For me it’s an elusive place, a memory locked in the past, unattainable, an ideal that probably never existed in the first place. Exposing this nostalgia and longing for something lost or unreachable, my process is an exploration of the idea of home and my search to find meaning. I tap into my subconscious through my dreams and nightmares. I keep dream diaries of notes and images which provide a starting point for my work. These preliminary ideas evolve into layered narratives, often with recurring motifs. Printmaking is a brilliant way to play with repetition and change. I find the drypoint technique has the immediacy of drawing but with its velvety blurry line has a further transformational quality which, when combined with hand-wiped areas and chine collé, evokes the other worldly atmosphere of a dreamscape. I push this further by building up layers, letting images recede back into the paper or combining them in rich dark tones to create a haunting presence.

Chris is teaching a Drypoint Course on 16 June to coincide with the exhibition.