A great evening in the sun last Friday at the Private View of Lee Johnson's exhibition. Thanks to everyone for coming

Friday 27 April, 7.00pm

Join us to hear Lee discuss the work in his exhibition, Exhibition: The Other Side of Paradise and to join in with a discussion about storytelling and myth.

Studio member Sarah Praill will join us for Sunday's Courses course to show some of the techniques she uses in her work with soluble materials. Promises to be a great class

We are really pleased to welcome Rob White back into the studio, teaching four specialist classes from April. Ever struggled to get the results you want from your etching plates? Printed your plates, and been disappointed in how they look, and given up on them? Try our short specialist classes in which Rob will share some of the tricks of the trade from his 15 year experience as an editioning printmaker, printing for Damien Hirst, Stephen Conroy and other major artists. See Secrets of the Print Studio: Intaglio Printing -Etching for more information.




Virginia studied at Chelsea School of Art in the 50's, where she made her first stone lithographs. In 2010 she returned to lithography at SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio.

You can see more of Virginia's work on her web site:



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