I have been asked to advise on the setting up of a new print studio in Tunbridge Wells, as part of an exciting development of the Museum and Library. If you have any printmaking connections in the Tunbridge Wells area, please ask them to get in touch with me, as I hope to talk to as many people as possible to understand what local artists want in the new facility. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can find our pages dedicated to this project here: Tunbridge Wells Consultancy


Sugar Lift, Coarse Aquatint, Enrique Santiago
Sugar Lift, Coarse Aquatint, Enrique Santiago, Taster Course 12 June 2016
Stone Litho, Caroline Brooke- Johnson
Stone Litho, Caroline Brooke- Johnson
Sugar Lift, Laurissa Jones
Sugar Lift, Laurissa Jones
Sugar Lift, Coarse Aquatint, Enrique Santiago
Sugar Lift, Coarse Aquatint, Enrique Santiago


There has been some great work made on our weekend Taster Classes over the last couple of months. We have continued to work in etching and on the last two weekends have explored Sugar Lift and Aquatint, with very free and painterly results and on the One Day Intro to Lithography, some more great work was made, which is a real achievement as it is a complex process. Working in pairs really helped on these two days I think- helping each other remember what they were doing.


Drawing on the litho stone
Mary and Emma shared a litho stone, and interestingly,
both drew birds!

The One Day Introduction to Stone Litho last Saturday went really well. Four students, three stones- amazingly all printed in a day. Sort of aerobics and printing all rolled into one! Due to lots of interest, we are doing a second course on Saturday 21 May, so if you are interested in the process and couldn't make the first class, please get in touch. We are also planning more short courses around lithography later in the year - look out for news of those here.

Some feedback and images from the day:

"Just fabulous. What a lot (more) to learn. Now I know enough to need to know more."
Lee Johnson

"A fantastic introduction to stone lithography- great fun and realy informative. I will definitely be back for a follow up course!"
Mary Collett

"Perfect balance of no pressure introduction to the litho technique and something to take home with me! Thank you Michelle. Also, lots of transferable information to think differently about other printmaking techniques."
Emma Wharton



1st roll up
Emma and Mary working on their stone.
1st roll up with non-drying black
Litho stone grinding
Lee and Jane grinding in the rain!
Luigi & Virginia
Luigi & Virginia

Food featured heavily in the images, as at the first Private View, thanks to Luigi (Di Lieto's) who very kindly donated lovely anti-pasti for our opening night, and at our closing tea party. The exhibition was a fantastic success, with sales of over 20 prints. Thank you to everyone who came.

Private View Virginia's exhibition
















Tristram Powell and William Feaver
Bill (right), shows Tristram an original work from the Art Club

Our first film night featured a showing of a short film made by Tristram Powell in 1972 about the Ashington Miners Art Club which was followed by a discussion between Tristram and William Feaver, who was also involved in the making of the film. Feaver, senior art critic at the Observer for many years, also wrote a book on the subject called The Pitmen Painters which inspired Lee Hall's play of the same name.

There was a full studio and great atmosphere for this unique event. We hope to have more in the future.


Stone Litho
Virginia Powell

Important Places

Friday 11 March - Sunday 24 April 2016

Exhibition open: Thursday & Friday10.00- 4.00pm. Other times by arrangement.

Private View Thursday 10 March 2016 6.30- 8.30pm

Closing Party Sunday 24 April 3.00- 6.00pm

We are getting ready for our next exhibition at the studio, Important Places, an exhibition of work by Virginia Powell.


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