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Anthony Stern
Anthony Stern
Thanks to Anthony Stern for coming along to SLAUGHTERHAUS last night and showing his incredible film, Get all that Ant?, which was the first time this version had been screened.

I am really pleased to have met Rob White earlier this year, who is a fantastically experienced editioning printmaker and artist. He and I have been planning some courses at the studio in July and August. Rob has a lot of experience in etching, monoprint and relief processes and the courses are designed to facilitate artists and printmakers through ways of making better images, and more interesting prints. By looking at colour, at inking, and combined techniques, the courses promise an opportunity to artists and printmakers alike to enjoy an experimental and exploratory time in the studio.

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SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio is excited to announce the screening of Anthony Stern's Get All That, Ant? First shown at the Cambridge Film Festival last October, this revised version will contain additional footage that has never been seen before. A school friend of Syd Barrett, Stern was at the epicentre of psychedelic culture as it unfolded, and as well as The Pink Floyd, filmed other bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Doors at the Roundhouse, Donovan, The Beach Boys etc. Along with other footage of social scenes, including the birth of his son, Cumbernauld New Town and London streets, he uses the inherent nuances of the Bolex cine camera to document the 1960's, and partners those nuances with the music of the era to form literally an 'interstellar overdrive' of jump-cut montage.

A rare treat for serious filmmakers and musicians alike, this screening is simply not to be missed.

What a fantastic night last night- big thanks to Rose Wilton for her insight into how she doorstepped the stars and captured such telling interviews, to Charles Chabot, for the decisive, witty edit of the six original programmes to give us such a great insight into them, and to Tristram Powell for his elegant and careful questions.

Join us for our next film night on Wednesday 5 July, when we are looking forward to the first London screening of Get All That, Ant? Andrew Mason and Sophia Satchell Baeza will lead a panel discussion, and we are privileged to also welcome Anthony Stern to the studio.

10% Course Discounts on all courses booked before the end of May.


Sunday 4 June, 11- 4pm

Japanese Woodcut: Oil & Water

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 June, 10-4pm

Two Colour Linocut

Sunday 2 July, 11- 4pm

Colour Relief Printing

Mon 3, 10, 17 July, 10-4pm

Explore Ideas through Colour Etching & Monotype

Sunday 30 July, 6 & 8 August, 10-4pm

Ideas Development for Artists & Printmakers

Monday 8 - Thursday 11 August, 10-4pm

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book

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