Scotland 2016

I have been painting part of a beach further round the island- it has got a view towards Mull, and some great rocks. It's nice to find a new friendly rock, I like knowing the shape of things so that when I go back again I have already done some of the looking at the shapes. Though they look different every time, because of the tide and the constantly changing weather. So the paintings yesterday and today were that same rock, and the same beach..

Had my thermals on! Tried to get a sense of the constant change in the water and sky- almost colourless landscape of grey rain and mist.

Two paintings yesterday- very grey and rainy. More puddles...

The mobile studio comes into it's own again!





I was going to try and work on the painting started yesterday, but the light was flat and grey this morning, so I went down to the beach instead. I sat there all day, watching the tide go out, and then comeback in again. It was a struggle to draw the sea - wish it would stop changing!






Same painting later in the day.

Started painting today- looking towards the village, and Scarba (without a hat) behind. North westerly wind coming off the sea, the sound of the waves hitting the shore which hasn't happened before today as it has been very calm. Starting with some acrylic and watercolour on board, just to find way in, then will get oil paint out- scary, but in a good way!

Adam sent me a quote yesterday by David Hockney 'to look is to see'. Good advice David! Just have to start looking...

Passing places- stopping to let a car past in the opposite direction. I like the way they mark the route- surprising how many there are on a short stretch of road. I have walked the route from the ferry to the village- when the rain stops I will carry on to the other end of the island, recording what I can see at those passing places.



All the locals say rain is coming when Scarba has a hat (of cloud) on.