An exhibition of prints by Laura Bianchi, Natalia Gonzales Martin & Matthew Young

Private View: Thursday 28 June 2018, 7.00- 9.00pm

Exhibition continues to Saturday 7 July 2018. Opening times: Friday 29 June, Thursday 4 & 5 July, 10.00- 4.00pm, Saturday 7 July 10.00- 4.00pm and other times by arrangement.

Rock, Paper, Scissors explores the work of three up and coming artist printmakers who work at SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio.

Laura Bianchi's practice springs from a personal and intimate narrative, in which the relation to the medium is as important as the references she draws upon.The human figure is a recurring subject of the research and practice. Laura's approach to the body is often sentimental, focussing upon aspects concerning mortality and fragility, with a nostalgic look. Laura is inspired by a multitude of sources - readings, images, daily life - which come to inhabit the imagination prior to becoming new visual narratives. Allegory – understood as a non-literal form – has always been a valuable source in her research. Through the work, she strives to evoke rather than to describe. Drawing, at the core of her practice, allows Laura to develop her work fluidly, mark after mark, in a repeated initiation, staged within the arena of the paper.

Natalia Gonzalez Martin’s multi-disciplinary practice questions the assumptions of mankind’s physical history through the examination of found artefacts. Working from objects in museums and more recently, photographs found online, Gonzalez Martin’s installations, paintings and works on paper distort the vessels, rocks and figurative sculptures that she has studied so that – in her words – ‘you can barely tell where they came from’. Born in Spain, Gonzalez Martin now lives and works in London.

For Matthew Young the opposition between grease and water is a simple starting point to examine the incredible complexity of the world. The sometimes mysterious nature of lithography has opened up a new world of exploration and kinship into mark making that was beyond his imagination. Embedded in the stone is the memory of decisions made that have led to this point. Then something emerges from the wreckage, when cold hard stone turns to water. This is when something comes together that couldn’t be arrived at any other way or by any other means.

Laura Bianchi and Natalia Gonzales Martin are current SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Prize Winners. The SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Prize is chosen by SLAUGHTERHAUS director Michelle Avison and other members of the studio each year at the MA and BA degree shows at Camberwell College of Art and City & Guilds School of Art. It allows the chosen artist access to the studio, presses and equipment for one year, and to benefit from support, technical advice and mentoring opportunities. Previous prizewinners include Saori Parry, Louise Pallister and Inma Berrocal.