Film Night

Charles Chabot and Rosemary Wilton with Tristram

The RKO Story, with Rosemary Wilton and Charles Chabot

Excerpts from the discussion after the screening of clips from The RKO story - the story of one of the great Hollywood studios.

Rosemary Wilton and Charles Chabot, the producers of the star studded six-part BBC documentary serious based around the films and personalities of the RKO film studio, talk to film and television director Tristram Powell about the making of their series and the free access they had to the studio archive for three years in the 1980s.



Michael Palin with Tristram Powell

Michael Palin on Art

Excerpts from our Film Night with Michael Palin in which he showed and talked about his six films covering the work of various artists and art movements.

Michael talked very openly about the process of researching and making the films, and how the artists had been chosen for the features. In particular, the films about Hammershoi and Andrew Wyeth led to an interesting discussion about the meaning in the sometimes strange paintings, and how artists use their immediate surroundings and experience to make work.

Martin Gayford with Tristram Powell

Lust for Life, with art critic Martin Gayford

There are not many print studios that can boast of being just round the corner from the house where Van Gogh lived. So, we have to take advantage of that and with our next film night we will show edited highlights from Lust for Life with Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh. Martin Gayford, writer of The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Arles, and film director Tristram Powell discuss the merits of the film and it's portrayal of Van Gogh's life.





The Studio

Take a walk around the Slaughterhaus Studio with Michelle Avison

Charlotte Green's Interview with Michelle Avison, 2014

Part 1: Beginnings

- Michelle talks about her early influences and art education

Part 2: Slaughterhaus

- Setting up and establishing Slaughterhaus Print Studio

Part 3: Scotland

- The influence of Scotland on Michelle's work

Part 4: Blog

- Michelle talks about her Summer Blog from Scotland

The complete interview

Lambeth Open Studios, 2013

We are part of this great event every October. at Slaughterhaus