Slaughterhaus studio in Stockwell will be hosting, for the second time, an exhibition of linocut prints from Trinidadian printmaker Lee Johnson. Lee’s previous exhibition examined the mythologies of his home country, with its shape-shifting forest creatures. This new exhibition is called The Stalactites of Memory.

“Memories,” says Lee, “become encrusted and obscured with age, just like the slow build of limestone on stalactites. They are ever-changing, ever-growing and always evolving as they reveal new truths and hide old phobias.”

The exhibition balances memories that are more immediate and easily recalled with more fragile, perhaps ancestral memories. The prints therefore illustrate recent carnivals, with their bacchanal of sweaty bodies and blue devils, as well as Trinidad’s dense, wet, often-dangerous bush. These images contrast with those of the more fragile memories of diaspora and flight, both from Trinidad and, a hundred years before that, to Trinidad from China.

Lee, who left Trinidad many years ago, returns regularly to restock his memories … and his rum.

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