Private View: Friday 20 March 2020, 6.00-8.00pm

Exhibition continues to Thursday 26 March 2020, Monday- Thursday 10.00- 4.00pm and weekend by arrangement.

Sarah’s practice explores ideas of national identity, collective memory, and how land and borders become central sites for tension. She uses landscape as subject matter, fragments of text to suggest ideas of place/time and provoke a sense of foreboding and unease. The works hint at current news, the Brexit process as it unfolds while displaying a rise of nationalism. The land carries memory, personal and collective. She draws connections from deep within the past to pressing issues of today.

“There is an intricate relationship between the theories around memory and how my practice addresses these issues through the processes of making. The form becomes content. The way the materials have been manipulated and created the fragmentary nature of my images, relate to the idea of how memory is fractured. Visuals are developed through different printmaking techniques at different stages. And by ‘landing' on the paper, information is transmitted. Some information is lost; other information is carried through to the final outcome, e.g. an etching line appears on the wood-cut. The loss of information on the surface creates fragmentation, interruptions, and the possibility of ambiguity. Memory is not static. It is organic. It changes, and it can be manipulated. I am not choreographing the direction of the practical. I appreciate the ruins and the absences.”