Tuesday 1 & 8 May, 10.00- 4.00pm

Tutor: SooMin Leong

Cost: £235. 4 places. All materials included.

Join artist and printmaker SooMin Leong, who trained in the world famous Tyler studio in Singapore, for an introduction to stone lithography. You will learn how to grain a litho stone, how to make a drawing using greasy drawing materials such as crayons and litho tusche and how to process the stone ready for printing. You will work on shared stones, and have the opportunity print a small edition of prints. The course is designed to equip you with the skills to be able to continue with confidence in stone lithography. All participants can join the studio as a member after the class to practice Stone Lithography.


The next HAUSPRINT Etching Year starts on Monday 15 May 2023, 6.00- 9.00pm (40 weeks)

Cost: £2350 if paid in instalments/ £2200 discount paid in full/ £460 deposit to secure place

Tutors: Rob White, Michelle Avison, guest artists

The HAUSPRINT Etching Year is a unique opportunity to build your printmaking skills over the course of a year- it is designed to provide stable building blocks for your printmaking future whatever your starting point. You will be guided through a programme delivered in three parts. The course is suitable for complete beginners as well as those who have some experience and wish to further explore their printmaking practice. Drawing will underpin the course and we will encourage you to make drawings in all sorts of ways in order to build your confidence and explore and expand your ideas for making prints.

Please contact

Michelle Avison
t: 07946 854207
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To pay deposit

Part 1, Techniques and Inspiration

will lay the foundation of your understanding of etching techniques as well as guiding you to find new ways to consider and create source material for your prints. Underpinned with drawing challenges designed to develop your drawing skills as a jumping off point to explore your creative inspiration, we will build your confidence in looking, remembering, recording, imagining, and interpreting.

In Part 2, Develop and Expand

you will explore more advanced etching techniques and hone your printmaking skills, learning about paper, inks, exploring inking techniques for different results, and understanding how to print (edition) consistently in order to make your prints express your intentions.

In Part 3 you will develop a Personal Project

in a series of etchings, bringing together everything you have learnt. In this part of the course there will be opportunities to try out techniques that will compliment your etching, including chine colle, relief and monotype techniques.

Weekly classes are delivered in three blocks May- July, September - December and January- March and will include:

Demonstration of techniques and many opportunities to recap and ask questions

Drawing exercises built into the course

Group discussion


One-to-one critiques and tutorials, particularly important in supporting your personal project

Self- directed time in class

Specific historical and contemporary artist’s prints as reference to understanding use of technique and visual language

Guest artists will talk about their work, show examples and set briefs within the course programme

Good resources and print examples

A research/ drawing project will be set in the August and December holidays- meant to be fun and useful- not to stress you out!

Professional Practice guidance in preparation for exhibiting work


In the final part of the course you will prepare your work for exhibition at SLAUGHTERHAUS to celebrate your Etching Year, including all aspects of editioning, selection, photographing, framing, pricing and exhibiting your work, etc.

Exhibition (and PV party!) at the end of April 2023, date TBC, Thursday 27 or Friday 28 April 2023


Class size will be limited, ensuring that you will get a lot of one-to-one help and support.

The course is designed to build your confidence and skills both as an artist and a printmaker- we think that this combination is key to getting the most out of your printmaking. You will work together with your class and build a strong creative rapport with tutors and each other and the wider Slaughterhaus community of printmakers.

In addition to working with our expert tutors, we have embedded opportunities to learn from our exhibition programme into the course timetable. Accompanying each exhibition there will be a talk and class run by the exhibiting artist. These sessions will give you insight into the ways in which they use printmaking in their practice and suggest new methods to try yourself.

Three external visits give unique access to print studios and print collections, and supplement the studio classes, inspiring and broadening your knowledge of artists and printmaking technique.

You will be invited to take part in special classes run by our artist members.

10 x Studio Sessions (60 hours total) to use across the year, allowing more time to expand and explore outside the taught sessions.

At the end of the course we offer the next years’ SLAUGHTERHAUS Annual Membership Fee for free (May 2023- March 2024).

The Tutors

Rob White is an experienced printer, he has worked at Thumbprint Editions and is currently working at Pauper’s press where he works with artists such as Grayson Perry, Damien Hirst, Peter Blake, Andrzej Jackowski, Stephen Chambers plus many others. Rob is an experienced artist and educator- he also teaches regular classes at Morley College, London. In his work, Rob explores mood through horizons and colour fields.

Michelle Avison set up SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio in 2010. An extremely experienced artist educator, Michelle also runs the Printmaking and Bookbinding Department at Morley College. Michelle attended the SLADE School of Art and Wimbledon School of Art in the 1990’s and her work explores landscape through printmaking, drawing and painting, often blurring the boundaries between them. She has prints in collections in the UK, including Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London.

Tuesday 16 May- 4 July 2023, 6.00-9.00pm

Tutor: Rob White

THIS COURSE IS FULL. Cost: £435. Includes all materials.

On this course you will make a large woodcut and learn how to print it by hand. This will involve cutting and printing in more than one colour, using reduction methods and using the jigsaw technique- cutting the block into different pieces to print in different colours. You will learn how to ink large areas successfully and how to handle the paper to achieve excellent registration. You will look at work by Edvard Munch, Christine Baumgarten, Andrea Buttner, Christopher Le Brun and Tom Hammick. Rob has worked extensively with artist Tom Hammick on his ambitious and complex colour woodcuts and is an experienced printer of large colour woodcuts. You will find this course to be packed full of info and trade secrets for achieving ambitious and exciting images.




Sunday 11 June 2023, 1.30- 4.30pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison

Cost: £65. Acrylic plate, inks and paper included

Monotype demonstrates the basic principle of applying ink to a surface in order to make marks on a piece of paper when you press the two together. You will find out how to ink a surface in order to make marks on it, and how to print from the plate surface in a variety of ways. A relatively simple technique, monotype allows you to try out ideas for prints, experiment with mark making, to use drawn or painted marks. You will find out some of the different ways to make monotypes and how to print both by hand and using the press. You will make lots of sample prints and gain skills to be able to carry on at home or to explore further in our next classes. Bring a sketchbook, images or photographs to work from and a small portfolio to take your work home in!


Tuesday 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 October, 7, 14 and 21 November 2023, 6.00- 9.00pm

Cost: £430. Plate, ink and paper included

Tutor: Rob White, Michelle Avison

Location: In the studio

To follow on from James Anderson's exhibition in the studio in September, this course explores Carborundum techniques, and uses them to achieve rich painterly marks. Carborundum is great for exploring colour printing and overlaying different colours to achieve diverse marks and creative textural and colour combinations. The plates are relatively cheap to make and we will encourage you to work on a larger scale.

You will look at and discuss a range of print examples, including artist James Anderson's work. You will make some small test plates to explore the effects of different painting mediums, carborundum grit etc, then move on to make multiple carborundum plates designed to overprint to make complex colour prints. You will use a la poupée methods to ink each plate in more than one colour.

This course is ideal for printmakers looking to expand their repertoire and wanting to learn more about colour mixing and inking, but it can equally be a fun starting point to learn a new printmaking technique. Carborundum plates can be made at home- plates are made with acrylic mediums and grit, so are a great technique to know about.

Saturday 14 October, 10.00am- 1.00pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison

£58. Includes wood, paper and ink.

Work with artist Michelle Avison on this three hour taster course exploring Woodcut. A great introduction to the technique, and a fabulous way to explore your creativity, the taster will cover ways of cutting the wood, staying safe with the tools, and take you through inking and printing. You will use plywood and work with the grain and knots in the wood to make expressive, immediate images. Bring personal images, photographs, drawings or other material to start your print from, and explore your personal stories, memories or ideas through the medium of printmaking. You will print in black ink on white paper, and explore both hand printing and use our wonderful Albion relief press.

Saturday 21 October 2023, 1.30- 4.30pm

Tutor: tbc

£68. Includes lino, paper and ink.

Find out about linocut and printing on this three hour printmaking taster course. A great introduction to the technique, and a fabulous way to explore your creativity, this printmaking class will teach how to cut the lino, stay safe with the tools, and take you through inking and printing. There will be a still life to draw from, but you are of course welcome to bring personal images, photographs, drawings or other ideas to start your print from. You will explore different ways of cutting to describe pattern and tone and print in black ink on white paper, plus an opportunity to try out different background colours.

Saturday 28 October 2023, 1.30-4.30pm

Tutor: Chris Christodoulou

Cost: £65. Acrylic printing plates, paper and inks included.

Try out drypoint printing with Chris Christodoulou. A master in the technique, Chris will show you how to achieve the dark and smudgy lines characteristic of drypoint, and which Chris uses to such good effect in his own work. Learn some of the tricks of the trade and make a fantastic drypoint print to take home.




Monday or Tuesday 10.00-4.00pm. Dates by arrangement.

Tutor: SooMin Leong

Cost: £1450. All materials included.

Work one-to-one with skilled and experienced lithographer SooMin Leong. Our 5 Day Stone Lithography One-to-One is designed to build skills and confidence in everything you need to know to make a three colour stone litho print. You will finish the week with a small edition of prints and be qualified to join as a studio member to continue your lithography journey.

Email for more information and a detailed outline of the course





Recording of this class is now available for £5. A link and materials list will be sent on receipt of payment.

Tutor: Eleanor Watson

In this session Ellie will describe and show a range of different materials and tools that can be used for making monotypes at home, with an opportunity to ask questions. It is recommended that you book this class before any of our other monotype courses so that you have the tools and materials necessary to get the most out of subsequent courses.