Sunday 4 February, 2018, 11-4pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison

Cost: £70. Inks included. Paper available to buy or bring your own. Please bring thin chine collee papers (coloured Japanese/ handmade/ decorative papers/ previously drawn or printed papers).

Work with artist Michelle Avison to explore different ways of making monotype prints. Bring a sketchbook, drawings, photographs or a found image to work from and explore ways of developing your work using trace monotype, reductive techniques and stencils. Working from your personal resources and starting points, find out how to use the monotype process to develop your image making. We will use oil based inks on this course- please see below for our next Monotype course in the New Year, when we will work specifically with water washable inks, to explore the particular possibilities of those.

Saturday 24 February, 1-4pm

Tutor: Michelle Avison

Cost: £50. Includes materials and paper.

The first class of our new monthly Saturday Art Club for young artists age 13+. Join artist Michelle Avison for proper printmaking and art practice, either for fun, or as a good extension activity for school work, GCSE and A level projects. Enjoy working in a professional printmaking studio and find out about printmaking and how much fun it can be to get your hands dirty!

The first class will explore Monotype techniques including trace monotype and using stencils and reductive techniques. Don't know what that means? Don't worry- just come and find out.

Bring ideas, drawings, sketchbooks, photographs or anything else you can think of to work from. And an apron if you have one.

The Art Club will continue once a month from February on the following dates:

24 March, 28 April, 26 May, 23 June 2018.

Saturday 10 & 24 March & 7 April 2018, 10-5pm

Tutor: Soomin Leong

Cost: £240. Includes woodblocks and paper.

This Japanese Woodcut course will take place over 3 alternate Saturdays, allowing time for you to develop your work and cut blocks in between the sessions. You will learn how to transfer your drawings to the blocks, cutting techniques using traditional tools, then how to ink and print the blocks with help to understand how to get the right combination of paste and ink, the right moisture in block and paper, and hand burnishing with the baren. The day will start with a look at some Japanese Woodblock prints and a discussion and a brief overview of the history of the technique, and the names and uses of the tools.

Soomin Leong trained in Singapore with Japanese Woodcut master Kitamura.

You will be given suggestions about what to prepare for the first class.

In the first week you will:

Look at examples of artists work, talk about how artists use the technique and have planned their images

Discuss the properties of different wood

Discuss images and how to plan the sequence of woodblocks (3)

Learn about the different carving tools and how to use them

Draw directly onto your woodblock or learn how to transfer a drawing onto the block

Learn how to make the registration

In the second week you will:

Explore the difference between using traditional colour and commercial colours

Learn how to size paper

Learn how to damp paper

Learn how to mix the paste and colour on the block and how to print your blocks

Print and continue to cut blocks

In the third week you will:

Explore printing and colour mixing

Focus on printing all of your blocks together to make your final image

Tea and coffee provided.

Please bring your own tools if you have them.

“it was lovely being in a studio environment with like minded people and with some one to guide us, who knew what they were doing but magically didn’t get in the way of us doing it for ourselves”.

"fantastic, approachable and knowledgeable guidance." Karen W, Cyanotype Taster, October 2017

"Hands-on and productive, nice to try something new and experiment." Sara T, Cyanotype Taster, October 2017

“I actually loved all of it. So great to have time to experiment stage by stage.” Stephanie Kennedy, Drypoint Taster.

“I enjoyed being guided through the technique yet with the freedom to be creative and experimental. I loved the excitement during the final printing. Endless varieties of tea, coffee and homemade muffins rounded it off perfectly.” Angela Mugglestone, Lino Taster

"The encouragement of experimentation and the varied techniques learnt in such a short space of time were great. The lovely summary at the end where we discussed each other’s work meant I felt the benefit of what the whole class had learnt and got ideas for what I might do next time." Lottie McCarthy, Collograph Taster.

  • Book two courses at the same time to qualify for a 10% discount

  • Bring a friend and each person qualifies for a 10% discount

  • Members qualify for a 10% discount on all courses

    * only one discount type per booking

  • Held every first Sunday of the month, this Printing Workshop day provides an opportunity to catch up on your printing, or to make new plates. Open to all Taster Course participants, members and any visiting printmakers with some experience. Technical advice and help on hand.

    The Young Printmakers Class provides a creative printmaking workshop for teenagers. Programmed to run prior to GCSE and A levels, the class offers a great opportunity to support school work or develop a portfolio for college applications. Come alone, or with an adult for fun quality time together!

    See images from previous courses on our archive page.