We are excited to announce Hausprint our new on-line courses. As a response to the current coronavirus pandemic we want to bring Slaughterhaus Print Studios to you at home and have put together new on-line courses, suitable for beginners through to experienced printmakers. These classes are aimed to inspire and help you to get started printing at home, to give you ideas for projects and ways of working with minimal equipment.

Learning in Lockdown are specific, technical 'know how' classes, with helpful professional advice on how to get the best results from your printmaking. In addition, we are launching our Printmakers Question Time, an hour long coffee time session that you are invited to bring your print related questions to, and that our resident 'panel of experts' Michelle Avison and Rob White will try and answer!

All classes will be delivered online via Zoom by our experienced artist teachers. You will need to be able to download the app and follow a link sent to you by email to join the course.

We are currently programming classes for September onwards to take place in the studio with social distancing or with a mixture of on-line and in-studio delivery.


Thursday 28 May, 2.00pm. The recording of this class is now available for £5. A link and materials list will be sent on receipt of payment.

Tutor: Eleanor Watson

In this session Ellie will describe and show a range of different materials and tools that can be used for making monotypes at home, with an opportunity to ask questions. It is recommended that you book this class before any of our other monotype courses so that you have the tools and materials necessary to get the most out of subsequent courses.


Friday 21 August 2020, 10.00-1.00pm

Tutor: Sarah Gursoy-Heuser

Cost: £20

Location: On-line via zoom.

Raid your veg basket or the drawer of your fridge to find the perfect materials for potato printmaking. Led by artist printmaker Sarah Gursoy - Heuser this fun course will help you make images out of the simplest materials. Explore shape, pattern, repetition and colour to build up complex marks and work on a large scale. You will be sent a materials list on enrolling. Please enrol in enough time to order materials on-line before the start of the course.


Wednesday 19 & 26 August 2020, 10.00-12.30pm

Location: On-line via zoom.

Tutor: Sarah Gursoy-Heuser

Cost: £40

You will be sent a materials list on enrolling. Please enrol in enough time to order materials on-line before the start of the course.

Find out what you need to do in order to make a repeat lino pattern. The course runs over two days. Week 1: Sarah will explain what materials you will need, how to prepare your drawing and design your 4 way repeat. Sarah will share samples and introduce you to artists who work in repeat.

Day 2: You will cut the design in lino and print the block repeatedly on a large sheet of paper. You can adapt the learnt skill to print a roll of fabric or wallpaper and there will be resources shared with you to help you with that. There will be lots of opportunity to ask questions.


In the Studio

Sunday 20 September, 11.00- 4.00pm

Tutor: Sarah Gursoy Heuser

Cost: £90. Includes A5 lino and paper.


Etched lino is a great way to introduce texture to your lino prints. It can look painterly and gestural. Join this one day course to learn how to use different resists to create excitingly varied lino surfaces, experiment and try out various ideas. On this one course you will work on one piece of etched lino and one cut lino which will be printed together to make a two colour lino print.

Bring a drawing, photograph or painting to work from. Learn how to use tools and understand how to etch the lino safely. You will have time to print the two blocks individually and combined in one colour each. Come back to one of our workshop classes to make more prints

Tools available to borrow, but please bring your own if you have them.


Sunday 27 September 2020, 11.00- 4.00pm

Tutor: Ian Rawlinson.

Cost: £90. Materials included.

On this course you will find out how to use simple materials to make great prints from cardboard, working with a laminated card plate, cutting, sticking and drawing into the surface to create textures, lines and effects which can then be printed right away. You will be able to rework the surface of the card plate using tape and other techniques to develop your image and create instant results. You will print your collagraphs using both relief and intaglio techniques, layering colour to develop a series of exciting prints.



Thursday 8, 15, 22 & 29 October 2020, 6.00-9.00pm

Tutor: Rob White

Cost: £240, includes acrylic sheet 30 x 40cm, inks and proofing paper.

Using carborundum grit and acrylic mediums, you will make two collagraph plates that can be printed together to create a multi layered and colourful print. Designed to run alongside our studio exhibition of collagraph prints by James Anderson, you will have the opportunity to study the prints in the exhibition as well as looking at examples by artists Gillian Ayres and Howard Hodgkin, Michelle Avison and Rob White. This painterly medium uses easily sourced materials, and is a great introduction to non-toxic printmaking as you will make the plates solely using acrylic painting mediums. There will be lots of discussion about markmaking, with the opportunity to try different ways of applying the materials, and expert help on planning colour and inking combinations.



Saturday 10 October 1.30-4.30pm

Tutor: Chris Christodoulou

Cost: £54. Acrylic printing plates, paper and inks included.


Learn drypoint techniques with artist Chris Christodoulou. Chris will show you how to achieve a range rich black and grey tones using drypoint techniques on easily available acrylic plastic sheet. You will explore how to achieve a wide range of marks by cross hatching an building marks and tone with a range of tools. You will learn how to ink and print the plates to achieve the dark and smudgy lines characteristic of drypoint, and which Chris uses to such good effect in his own work.



Thursday 19 & 26 November 2020, 6.00- 9.00pm

Cost: £96. 1 x A5 etching plate, ink and paper included

Tutor: Rob White


White Ground is great way to make painterly marks on an etching plate- working with layers of aquatint and white ground you will learn how to achieve interesting tonal watercolour like effects which can be used on their own or with other etching techniques.

Over two evenings you will look at and discuss a range of print examples, learn how to prepare the etching plate and use White Ground to create washy, painterly marks and how to print in different ways to gain the most from the delicate tonal marks.