Sunday 5 May 2019, 11.00- 4.00pm

Cost: £75.

Tutor: Michelle Avison

The second in our series of one day Sunday classes focussing on etching. Sugar lift is a painterly way of making marks on an etching plate, which can then be etched deeply and/ or made darker through the use of aquatint.

On this one day course you will look at and discuss a range of print examples, then learn how to prepare, draw, etch and print the sugar lift looking at different sugar lift mixtures to get a range of marks. You will apply an aquatint to achieve a range of tonal marks. You will have time to add subsequent layers, or to explore colour printing.

This day course can be taken on it's own, but if you have done the previous Etching class on 7 April, this course offers the opportunity to build on your previous experience and add to your existing plates, to add further work or start new plates., you can continue to develop your work in etching to achieve a more complex image. 1 x A5 etching plate, ink and paper included.