Tide IV, Hard Ground Etching, Michelle Avison

Sunday 13 March, 11- 4pm

Cost: £48. Materials extra.

The first of a series of Taster Sundays exploring etching. Hard ground is a traditional etching technique in which a hard wax coating is applied to the metal etching plate, which you then draw into, revealing the metal beneath. This is then etched in an acid mixture, which bites lines into the plate. These lines hold the ink which then print onto the paper.

On this one day course you will look at and discuss a range of print examples, then learn how to prepare, draw, etch and print an etching plate. You will then experiment with ways of introducing texture and tone into the plate.

This day course can be taken on it's own, but if followed up with subsequent etching Taster Classes, will give you a good grounding in a range of etching techniques, and the opportunity to develop an image by adding layers and altering the plate.

See images of our previous Hard Ground Etching course here