Tuesday 28 November, 5 & 12 December 2023, 6.00- 9.00pm

Tutor: Rob White

Cost: £105. Ink and paper included.

Learn how to use advanced techniques sugarlift and spit bite to make painterly marks on an etching plate. Explore how to use the sugary solution to paint and draw with, then how to apply a protective coating, lift the sugar solution, etch and aquatint the resulting marks to create painterly tones. Also include spit bite to add watery, soft marks. These techniques can be use with other etching techniques, on existing or new plates, or on their own resulting in very painterly imagery.

Rob White has a wealth of professional print experience and you will be amazed by how much difference you can make to your image by using a particular ink or wiping in a different ways to gain the most from the delicate tonal marks.