Grainy Wood with Sarah Gursoy Heuser

Saturday 15, 22, 29 January, 5 & 12 February 2022, 10am-1pm

Online via zoom

5 weeks (15 hours)

Cost: £160 (includes a curated pack of materials and paper to get you started)

On this 5 week course you will explore ways of making prints from wood without using conventional cutting tools.

Find inspiration in wood-grain. Wood-grain contains evocative organic patterns suggesting the flow of water, clouds or geological landforms. We will make our current confinement a creative opportunity and spend a few hours a week lost in making.

You will explore new ways of creating a composition by letting wood grain speak. We will emphasize the natural grain in the wood by scorching the surface to bring out the grain. Print wood textured backgrounds; overprint; cut into the woodblock; explore suminagashi – floating ink prints to use in collage - or as chine collé paper to incorporate in your prints. We will also test out mokurito, a printmaking technique based on principles of lithography using wood as a printing plate instead of limestone.

Resident artist Sarah Gursoy-Heuser leads Grainy Wood - course. Sarah will bring her enthusiasm and energy for the subject and refer to historical and contemporary art using wood grain textures in their work. Plenty of material to get started with this fun and welcoming printmaking course.