Wet Weekends: Finding Creative Inspiration at Home with Eleanor Watson

Saturday 3 July- 31 July 2021, 10am-1pm

5 weeks (15 hours)

Cost: £150

On this 5 week course you will explore ways of making art from your home and the things in it. You will work in a sketchbook to develop some material to work from - guided to find different ways of drawing and materials to explore. You will use the drawings to develop into prints using different monoprinting techniques. Each week you will be introduced to a different way of working, and over the 5 weeks will build a personal vocabulary of markmaking and ideas to practice and use again.

Find inspiration where you are, make our current confinement a creative opportunity and spend a few hours a week lost in making.

Led by resident artist Eleanor Watson whose work explores interiors in various mediums. She will be bringing her enthusiasm and energy for the subject as well as referring to both historical and contemporary artistic interpretations of home. Plenty of material to get started with this fun and welcoming printmaking course.