Sunday 31 March 2019, 11.00- 4.00pm

Tutor: Ian Rawlinson.

Cost: £65. Materials included.

On this course you will explore collagraph and drypoint techniques, using a cardboard surface. Collagraph is a collaged printing plate with huge possibilities of mark making- it is an inexpensive technique that allows you to create a really wide range of different effects. In this Quick Collograph course you will work with a laminated card plate, cutting, sticking and drawing into the surface to create textures, lines and effects which can then be printed right away. You will be able to rework the surface of the card plate using such things as tape to develop your image and creating instant results which can then be printed during the day. You will be able to print your collagraphs using both relief and intaglio techniques, layering colour to develop a series of exciting prints.