Road-pool I, Collagraph, Carborundum & Chine Collee, Michelle Avison

Sunday 14 & 15 July 2018, 11.00- 4.00pm

Cost: £145. Materials included.

Explore different methods of making Collagraph plates using acrylic sheets as the base. On day one you will make and print from plastic tape and other simple materials, and also prepare plates to print on day 2 using paint, glue and carborundum grit to make more permanent plates which you can print on the second day. Carborundum has been used by artists such as Howard Hodgkin, Gillian Ayres and Hughie O'Donaghue. It allows you to build up brushstrokes in a very painterly way and to print in clean colour and in more than one colour. Come and join us for an exciting exploration of the possibilities of the acrylic plates, and a new repertoire of printmaking techniques that can add an extra dimension to your work and can be used with existing plates as well.